Making Football Safer

As mentioned in the book’s Author’s Note, I support efforts to help mitigate the inherent risks in playing football, particularly at younger levels.

To that end, I share here some informative links, including the latest research and possible ways to practice smarter.


(April 18) The 4 H’s: The leading causes of death in high school athletes: The 4 H’s refer to head (trauma), heart (sudden cardiac arrest), hemoglobin (blood) and heat.

(Feb 12) Marshall University researchers look for ways to make football safer

(Feb 9) We Can Make Football Safer: Through better equipment, improved knowledge of head injury and better medical care, we can mitigate the effects of concussion at all levels of football.


(November 28) “Here’s one way to make football safer” Opinion column from Lena Wen, Contributing Columnist to the Washington Post

(October 13) Study: Limiting Contact in Practices Reduces Youth Football Head Injuries

(October 7) With Hotter Temperatures Come More Football Deaths


(March 1) Opportunities for Prevention of Concussion and Repetitive Head Impact Exposure in College Football Players: A Concussion Assessment, Research, and Education (CARE) Consortium Study