Clean Up Time is Clara Time

DusterClean-up time is Clara time.

From messy parents to super messy birthday parties, Clean Clara is on the case.

That is, until new girl Spotless Suzie joins the school.

In this playful picture book, cheer on Clara as she finds her way as a good friend, while remaining true to who she is—a fun, bubbly queen of clean!

“I loved Clean Clara!”

~ Hannah W, age 6

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Cover of Clean Clara
broom and pan


“A great way to get a kid to clean up their room! Clara makes it cool!”

Sheryl Berk

Author of the Cupcake Club

“I love Clean Clara and wish she lived in my house!”

Michelle Spirn

Award-winning author of more than 40 children's books

“Clara is bubbly, funny and a darn good friend. Go Clean Clara!”
Carolyn Barnes/CLEAN Momma

TV personality and author of the CLEAN Momma Work-Out

School Visits

The author reading to a classroom of young students

Fun Stuff

Calling all kids! Check out Fun Stuff including Clean Clara themed puzzles!

Clara with dustpan and mop