Meet Clara

What inspired you to write Clean Clara? Are you super clean?

I definitely won’t be winning any super clean awards any time soon! To cook up Clara, I had some fun re-imagining my grandmother, Gertie, as a little girl. For me, Gertie was always the most put together and cleanest of them all.

According to Gertie, however, the true queen of clean was her Aunt Dorothy, who would dust the chair before you sat down.

Gertie sitting elegantly in a chair

Can you tell me more about Clean Clara?

A great way to get to know Clara is through her favorite things!

Horizontal mop

Clean Clara’s Favorites Things:

  • Scrunchies!
  • The ice driver guy at ice skating rinks — Wow wee!
  • All kinds of mops and my favorite broom
  • Aprons!
  • Outside ice cream cake on a super-hot day
  • Shoe Stores & dressing rooms at busy shops- these places need me!
  • Big Spills with lots of colors
  • New Year’s Eve — Best night of the year! I know, I know — Halloween is awesome. But listen to this:
    • I get to stay up super late to see the giant ball come down
    • We have a big party
    • And Mommy and Daddy LOVE my help cleaning up — it’s a huge mess!
    broom and pan