Like so many others, I have repeatedly seen the debilitating impacts on kids from an overall negative coaching experience, or even a single negative moment. Rather than build kids up, it shuts them down, extinguishing the joy from playing sports.

I became aware of the Positive Coaching Alliance while prepping for what turned out to be six amazing seasons as a volunteer youth baseball head coach.

Little league coach

I can’t endorse the organization strongly enough and wanted to share a bit of what they’re all about:

PCA’s Mission

Positive Coaching Alliance

To change the culture of youth sports so that every child, regardless of social or economic circumstance, has access to a positive youth sports experience.

As a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture, Positive Coaching Alliance provides research-based training and resources for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders to ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids, in all communities across the U.S., through sports.

PCA ensures sports are ‘done right’ with programming that is research-based and designed to have impact at three levels in a youth sports organization or school:

  • YOUTH experience improved life skills and character development.
  • COACHES become more positive and increase their focus on using sports to teach life lessons.
  • YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS see their cultures become more positive and everyone involved has more fun.

To learn more about The Power of Positive, including PCA’s robust training resources and its massive impact across the youth sports landscape, please spend some time on their website.