Aspen Institute’s Sports & Society Program has taken a lead role in working to improve the overall youth sports landscape. I’m pleased to share some details of the program.

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Program’s mission

Convene leaders, facilitate dialogue, and inspire solutions that help sports serve the public interest. The program provides a venue for thought leadership where knowledge can be deepened and breakthrough strategies explored on a range of issues.

Flagship initiative: Project Play

Develops, applies and shares knowledge that helps build healthy communities through sports.

Project Play Aspen Institute

Some highlights from the May 17th-18th 2023 Project Play summit on its 10th anniversary:

  • Why Sport Matters Now to the Nation: Bruce Y. Lee of PHICOR released projections on some of the societal benefits if youth sport participation rates can be lifted from 50.7% to the federal government’s goal of 63% by 2030. Read his article.
  • School Sports Equity Toolkit Panel: Noor Alexandria Abukaram, Ashley Badis and Matt Diaz helped us release our new resource, sharing insights on how youth can serve their communities by helping to close sport opportunity gaps. Share the toolkit.
  • Jump Like a Champion: One rep from the new cohort of Project Play Champions showed the way as 20 organizations were honored for their new, specific, meaningful commitments.  Learn about them.
  • How to Build a Better Sports System: Drawing on what Project Play has learned to date, Tom Farrey offered 10 steps on how leaders can drive progress – from deploying the power of the permit to leveraging mega-events – and challenged them to set a North Star by 2030. Read more.

This is just a small slice of the tangible successes comprising Project Play. To learn more about Aspen Institute’s overall Sports & Society Program, please visit their website.